Scorpion Poet

She wrote love on her arm

She wrote love on her arm
in the brilliant red of her blood
angry slashes cover white skin
screaming out her silent pain.

She rams fingers down her throat
gagging on bruised knuckles
tears staining her cheeks black
she purges hate and disgust

She bites her tongue off
throws it on the floor and stomps
scared it will shriek like a banshee
all the misery her mouth locks in

3am Ramblings

It’s nights like this that haunt you
when the dark pit that is your soul
shakes you awake to be heard
demanding the façade be dropped.

When the rain against the window
chants all your missed opportunities
and the wind whispers your every regret.

As dawn chases night from the sky
and your heart is healed for now
when light seeps under the door
only then your mask slips back on
until the next long sleepless night.

When you wander the silent halls
of your home in hope of answers
and buried hurts of the past
play out before you on bare walls
like a movie in slow motion on mute.

When all your armour is removed
and your heart bleeds onto the floor
while your tears soak your feet
as the thunder and lightning outside
mirror the war raging in your heart.

Versions of me

They come to me when I sleep

the past versions of me

they know what I need

even when I do not

The warrior gives strength

feeding my heart with courage

‘You are strong’ she whispers

The Goddess anoints me

drawing runes across my flesh

‘You are blessed’ she declares

The teacher unlocks my innate

tapping into my subconscious

‘You are gifted’ she reassures

The mother gives me love

envelopes me with her embrace

‘You are loved’ she promises

I wake and I am soothed

comforted by the many women I am

aware that I am all of them

Warrior, Goddess, Teacher and Mother

I am strong

I am blessed

I am gifted

I am loved


When the sun crashes onto the Earth

and the moon sinks under the sea

do not fret my darling,

I will find us our own Eden.

When the rain is hard and wet

and the cold is bone deep

do not fret my darling

I will hold you till the shivering stops.

Metamorphosis Reversed

The butterfly was majestic

her wings full of colour

hues of vibrant red, purple and blue

she loved to fly amongst the clouds

gliding, the wind lifting her

no other butterfly could compare

But then things changed

no matter how hard she tried

she could not feel any joy

the warmth of the sun, the blue sky

nothing gave her happiness anymore

Day by day, her beautiful colour faded

greys and browns now spread across her body

her brilliance now dull and muted

covered by a coat of dust and despair

but at least she could still fly, escape her pain

until one day tragedy struck

her wings began to wear thin, eventually tearing

what were once strong, luscious and full

became tattered and sparse as the scales shed completely

the butterfly felt such shame and sorrow

she was no longer admired but shunned

being earth bound wounded her soul

So in the end, there was only one thing left to do

she laboured day and night

painstakingly building her chrysalis

until finally it was complete

slowly she crawled inside, exhausted

sealing her tomb, safe within her womb


I am always alone

Wondering through vacant rooms

Threading through crowded streets

Nobody by my side

Surrounded by empty space

It is forever quiet

Silence constantly all around me

trapped in a cocoon

the mute button firmly stuck

stillness is suffocating at times

I miss being touched

Being held in a hug

Warm skin brushing against me

Cold feet under the covers

Butterfly kisses across my eyelids


I am blessed with two beautiful children

a girl and boy, a pigeon pair

they have taught me so much

each of them a revelation to me

My daughter has the heart of a warrior

coupled with a strong sense of justice

she will fight for the under-dog

she hates to see anyone miss out

this is married with an innocent spirit

people are trusted and forgiven many times

she is on the brink of adulthood now

and a gypsy spirit is emerging

she wants to roam and taste the world

she is a fledging ready to take flight

fly safe my darling, return home safely

My boy is rock, strong and steady

his heart is a big as an ocean and as deep

he will protect loved ones without hesitation

will be the one you turn to in time of need

born wise beyond his years, an old soul

he sees your true essence every time

He is all gangly limbs at the moment

but I see the man he will grow to be

he will be a the one who catches you

the one who will be your light in the dark

protect your heart, my dear boy

I always tell my children that love is everything

it is all you need, the answer to everything

keep your heart open, fill it with joy

show others kindness and respect

don’t be afraid to give of yourself to people

because a life without human connection

is a life not fully lived

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